National Dress Your Pet Up Day

My favourite dress up day of the year!!

I asked Max earlier to write a piece on this and he passed up the opportunity… he doesn’t “agree” with it.  It seems he’s not alone.  So many people ask me “Why do you do that to your dog?” and “Surely he hates it?”  Firstly, he’s a chihuahua – he gets cold easily and therefore, as a responsible dog owner, I put a coat or sweater on him when I take him for walks.  He associates his “clothing” with walks, fun and frolicking outside.

mrpoochie   So when I dress him up, no, he doesn’t “hate” it, he loves it!  He loves the attention and fuss he      gets off passers by.  I can’t take him out without at least one person doing the “awwww” as they  walk past, even grown men!   My cat, however, doesn’t like dressing up – I tried once – he looked  uncomfortable.  I never tried again.

 In my opinion, he looks a beauty!  So smart and handsome,  especially in this photo on the left.

 He also won this years Tombola bingo pet competition and beat over 200 other entrants (the elf  costume below)!  He got a special treat for that one!!

1459269_10152154347934734_1018222922_n (1)

Pet costumes are getting more and more popular.  We import most of ours from America and as far as we know, we’re the only ones in the UK that stock them.  There’s not a massive range within the UK suppliers so we end up selling to some really serious competition entrants as they know they’ll be very unlikely to bump into another dog wearing the same outfit!  In America, dressing up animals is big business and we’re slowly catching up.  Attitudes are slowly changing, and I hope in future there’ll be less animosity towards people that let their pet join in the fun!!

Some of our 2014 collection



A New Chapter

“For last years words belong to last years language and next years words await another voice.” — T.S. Eliot

As 2014 rolled in this quote was all I could think about.  I’ve been reading blogs for a while but had never considered I had anything “worthy” to offer the blogging community… so… with the new year I decided to channel my inner voice and offer a small insight to my crazy business life and, hopefully, manage to stay away from the mundane “corporateness” most business blogs seem to possess.

us1 So let’s start at the start and introduce myself…

I’m Sammantha and I run a fancy dress company called Fancy Me Ltd.  We started off specialising in “sexy” costumes, hence the name, but we quickly expanded to cater for men and children as well.  We are just coming up to 18 months old and it’s honestly been the biggest rollercoaster of my life!

My right hand woman, and “bestie” is Lauren.  I consult Lauren over everything!  Both in business and in my personal life.    We went to school together and I feel like she really knows me inside out.  To have her as an employee is like gold dust.

My aim with this blog is to take you on my travels as an up-and-coming “businesswoman” (I hate that term!).  I still don’t really consider myself a stereotypical “businesswoman” – you know, the money hungry, hard faced type that wears a suit to work every day and tramples on every she comes across.  I actually care, probably too much, what others think of me.  My father always used to say “treat others how you wish to be treated” and I’ve tried to take that mantra on in my professional life as well as my day to day travels.  After all, without customers, we wouldn’t have a business!

Hopefully what I hope to offer in this blog is a jovial look at the fancy dress industry and include:

  • Information on trends
  • Showing you how one outfit doesn’t mean “one night” – accessories can totally transform one key base into lots of different styles, saving money, time and stress for those last minute party invites!
  • Our pick of customer photos
  • Make up tips
  • Festival and film guides
  • 100% honest product testing, not only from adults but we plan on getting the kids involved too (and we all know how brutally matter of fact the little ones can be!)
  • Headline hitting news and local events
  • An inside view on days in and out of the office for us

The Mad Hatter: “Have I gone mad?”

Alice: “I’m afraid so.  You’re entirely bonkers.  But I’ll tell you a secret.  All the best people are.”