Welcome to our blog.

We are Fancy Me Ltd, a UK based fancy dress company and hope to share some of our special moments with you in this blog.

We were formed after an out of the blue hormonal moment when I was 6 months pregnant and searching for a swimwear supplier for my first company!!  After that, it was like an emotional rollercoaster.

As with any new business there were peaks and troughs, trials and tribulations, tears and laughter and most of all, FUN!  We started off catering solely for the “sexy” ladies market but have rapidly expanded out into the mens and childrens sector as well.  We are proud to have a good supplier network and deal with some of the largest fancy dress manufacturers in the world.

Our mantra is “A happy workforce is a productive workforce” and we are often singing, laughing and joking around the office.  That’s not to say we don’t take our work seriously…  from September to April I work 7 days a week making sure your Halloween, Christmas, Book Day and Easter costumes arrive on time!!

So our team consists of:

Lauren, our dispatch manager – she makes sure all your packages get to where they need to be.

Max, our dispatch assistant – he does all the picking from our stockroom and deals with the deliveries.

And then there’s me, Sammantha, I deal with your customer enquiries, suppliers, do all the ordering and basically run things as smoothly as can be!

We pride ourselves on our fab customer service and same day dispatch.  We answer all emails within 24 hours and all items are dispatched same day on payments clearing prior to 16:00 (unless otherwise stated).

We post our items via Royal Mail and first class so that your goods are received as quickly as possible.  If guaranteed next day delivery is required (I’m a total last minute person too!) this can also be arranged.

You can contact us on 01788 565722 or by email at contactus@fancy-me.co.uk

We accept telephone payments by card.

Fancy Me Ltd,
Third Floor,
9 North Street,
CV21 2AB

Hopefully you will find this blog informative, funny and enjoy the personal touch we aim to offer.



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